Loomis Barn & Corn House Cafe
4942 Loomis Road
Rushville, New York 14554
Phone: 585-554-3154 / 800 716-2276
About us!

The Loomis Barn was established in 1963 by Allen and Mary Loomis on the premise of selling high quality American made furniture at fair prices. (This continues to be the mission of the business even now.) They started with a few lines of hardwood case pieces and 8-way, hand-tied upholstery and found customers were happy to drive out into the beautiful hills of Yates County for their furniture.

The original showroom was a barn which had been moved to the Loomis farm in 1939 when Allen and Mary were married and began farming his grandfather’s land. The original hand-hewn posts can still be seen in the present building. By 1972 more showroom space was needed and the first addition was built in spite of the floods that hit the Finger Lakes that summer.

The business continued to grow, more lines were added, and after college and a stint in the Peace Corps in Africa, son Jim joined the Loomis barn in 1976. After her daughter had started school, Ginny joined her brother and parents in the business.

The family doubled the floor space and changed the entrance of the store in 1989 when they added more furniture and gifts and accessories. An open house celebrating the new changes (and the Loomis's 50th wedding anniversary) was held that August.

Wishing to make the Loomis Barn a more complete destination, a café was opened in 1997. The space below the café created room for another store, and Colonial Bouquets became part of the Loomis Barn and Country Shops.With the retirement of Colonial Bouquets owner Sharon Cornelius, a new business Susan's Shop featuring 20-th century collectables of beauty, color, design, and whimsy.

The Sugar House was built in 2001 by Paul Curtis, chief sugar maker, after 33 years teaching high school math. In the spring of 2008 he doubled the floor space and added a lean-to using lumber cut and milled on our property.

The third generation of Loomises has been involved in the family business as delivery and stock boys as well as servers and dishwashers. Perhaps some day one of the grandchildren will continue the fine tradition their grandparents started and nurtured over 45 years ago.

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